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SuperCat is an easy to use utility for cataloging and managing removable disks
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SuperCat is a program that works as a replacement for the Microsoft Windows built-in search engine. Do not waste your precious system resources and disk space because of the Windows indexing service that makes your searches a bit faster, but takes a lot of time searching large hard disks or removable media. SuperCat quickly builds catalogs of your files within a few minutes, rendering all your search results almost instantly. In order to speed up the cataloging process, you can configure it to exclude specific extensions, file names and folders. The catalog explorer tells you when the catalog was last updated, and the folders or partition it represents. The cataloging process can be scheduled to run automatically at certain intervals. Moreover, the program can be used to find and eliminate duplicated files from your hard drives. The Find duplicates tool has an internal checksum utility that enables you to verify that these files are actually duplicated in case they have the same fingerprint (checksum).

This new version features new backup and restore functions in addition to the nice XP user interface.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Fast search
  • Compatible with all 9x and NT based Windows OS


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